Constellation is Here to Serve You!

Whether it's flipping the switch on the coffee machine in the morning, turning the thermostat up or down or powering a machine integral to business operations, we want — no, we expect — our energy source to turn on instantly.

Offering you energy options is Constellation's mission. For years, Constellation has been providing electricity, natural gas or renewable energy to homes, small and large businesses, and state and federal agencies. Today, nearly 2 million residential, public sector and business customers, including two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies, rely on our commitment to innovation, dependability, transparency and service. Constellation is also one of the top three retail natural gas suppliers in the United States.

Choosing Constellation as your energy supplier offers you:

  1. Timely, personal responses to any and all of your questions, from signing up for energy service to maintaining your account.
  2. Continuous value added to our products and services. We regularly reach out to our customers to provide us with feedback so we can enhance the service we provide to effectively meet our customers’ needs.
  3. A user-friendly online experience. From our detailed product and services pages to an extensive FAQs page, we aim to provide you with an interactive opportunity to learn more about a wide array of innovative energy solutions.
  4. Competitive pricing and various payment options designed to fit any budget.

Why choose Constellation? The better question is why choose anyone else?